Data-Driven Marketing in 2015

  • Daniel McClure

    Online business is constantly evolving and you need to stay on top of your game to succeed. Whilst going through an annual review I set out to review the digital landscape and learn what matters most for a business today.

    This report covers the most important themes you should focus on for 2015!

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Daniel McClure is a marketing technologist from the UK that has worked with large and small businesses around the globe, including a a few you may recognise. Today you will find him working through his company The Modern Entrepreneur whilst traveling the world.

Daniel McClure - Brand Marketing Experience

Tweet The System: A New Twitter Advertising Blog


So I’ve decided to to get on top of Twitter Advertising this year. Of course I couldn’t let the opportunity to start another site pass, so I’ve set up a brand new website called Tweet The System where I plan on sharing the best of what I learn about marketing with Twitter.

If you’re interested in using Twitter for business, then make sure you join my journey on the new Twitter Advertising blog

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